Concealed Carry Pistol Class
John S. Oswecki, Instructor 



Welcome!  I'm an NRA Certified Instructor and a Chief Range Safety Officer, with credentials to teach courses in the following diciplines:
              • Basic Pistol Shooting 
              • Basic Rifle Shooting
              • Basic Shotgun Shooting 
              • Home Firearm Safety 
              • Metallic Cartridge Reloading
              • Shotgun Shell Reloading 
              • Personal Protection Inside The Home 
              • Range Safety Officer
              • Refuse To Be A Victim

Instructor Courses - I'm also an NRA Training Counselor, and offer Instructor courses in the disciplines listed above, plus Chief Range Safety Officer courses for current NRA Range Safety Officers. Instructor courses are scheduled based upon demand, and the NRA requires a minimum of four Instructor candidates in order to conduct a course. Past Instructor graduates are welcome to assist in one of my regularly scheduled group courses to gain experience before conducting their own courses. Contact me for more information. 

Utah and Massachusetts Credentials - I'm certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to issue course certificates required to apply for a Massachusetts LTC. I'm also a Utah BCI Certified Firearms Instructor, and offer the Utah Concealed Firearms Permit course.

Note - Course registration has increased dramatically. If you find a course that interests you, please register ASAP to assure that a seat is still available.

CT-MA Pistol License Course - I offer a group pistol license course monthly. The course meets the training requirements for a pistol license in several states including Connecticut, New Hampshire, Maine, etc. A Massachusetts certificate is also provided, and meets the requirements for either a resident or non-resident license. This course is taught by a team of Certified Instructors and includes hands-on exercises and live fire on an indoor range. Please visit the course pages for additional details, and see the Schedule page for current course dates. Pre-registration is required. 

Multi-License Firearm Course - A 1-day course that will qualify participants to apply for pistol licenses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Utah, Florida, Arizona, Maine and New Hampshire. If you receive all seven licenses, you can legally carry in 39 states! Save time and money by attending this innovative new course. Robert McDermott and I present this course in both Massachusetts and Connecticut - click here to view course information page on his website, then return to my Schedule page to see available course dates.

Private Courses
- Private instruction is available for small groups, and individual instruction is offered on a limited basis and priced accordingly. Please contact me for more a quote. 

Duplicate Certificates/Lost Paperwork - Students are responsible for their certificates, applications or other student materials once issued. There will be a charge for duplicates that includes material cost, mailing and the Instructor's personal time. Duplicate certificates and applications will be dated the same as the originals, and students are responsible for reporting the original class date and location. If the student misses a State mandated application deadline (i.e. 1-year for Utah), he or she must take the course again - no exceptions are allowed by law. 

Gift Certificates - Give the gift of a firearm training course to a friend or family member. Gift certificates are available and will be sent via U.S. Mail. Contact me for more information.

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